What is Netflix? How It Works and What It Offers

What is Netflix?

When discussing streaming platforms, several options, such as Amazon, Disney Plus, and HBO, come to mind. However, only one is considered the most popular. Perfect for a series marathon, Netflix is one of the most important entertainment companies on the market. Below, we will tell you what it is, what it can offer us, and its various characteristics or classifications.

What does the word Netflix mean?

First, we can say that Netflix has been on the market for a long time. To be exact, this company was founded in 1997, and its first function was to rent all kinds of games, movies, series, and documentaries, among others. That is to say, it was the direct rival of a great of the Blockbuster moment. It was not until after some time that the company would evolve into what is known today as a streaming platform.

On the other hand, the term ‘Netflix’ comes from the division between ‘Net’ and ‘Flix.’ ‘Net’ is part of the word ‘Internet,’ while ‘Flix’ is a simple abbreviation for the words ‘film’ or ‘movie’.  The word ‘Netflix’ was initially associated with this division but was united after its continuous evolution.

All this demonstrates that the Internet would be essential to the organization. In addition, it will let its audience know that from now on, its streaming platform will be managed based on the Internet. The company would create a great platform, managing to expand around the planet with its service.

What is Netflix for?

What is Netflix for?

Currently, Netflix is ​​a streaming platform with thousands of pieces of content. You can find various movies, series, documentaries, and more there. You can search for what you want depending on the category, such as horror, suspense, drama, and more. All this is in a perfect film classification, where you can watch it online or download it to watch later.

Another interesting point is that you can watch your favorite movies and series in your desired language. We will have a comprehensive list of languages ​​to select. This is from the dubbing. On the subtitle side, the story is the same. You can choose the language you want.

How does Netflix work?

Now that you know what Netflix is, we can tell you how it works. First, you should know that to use this streaming platform, you must pay a subscription. These vary in price and duration depending on the type of plan. Once this is done, we only have to download the application to our mobile phone, television ( Smart TV ), computer, console, or any other device.

To enter the application, we only have to indicate our username and password. Here, we can choose from the extensive catalog of content we want to see. Once we have chosen it, we can see it online or download it. Here, we can also indicate the video quality at which we can view it.

Moreover, you can select the language of the movie. Here, we keep a long list of variants. Likewise, we will have the option with the subtitles section.

As we watch and download series, movies, and documentaries, Netflix will recommend more appropriate content. Over time, your algorithm will have the power to present you with a movie or series you may like.

You will also have the option to do so by clicking ‘My Favorites’ or ‘My List.’ This section is at the bottom of a movie, series, or documentary’s title. By clicking there, we will help our algorithm be personalized. In addition, every movie or series we select can be seen in a detailed list within the application.

What are the features of Netflix?

What are the features of Netflix?

All streaming platforms have unique features that differentiate them from others.  Amazon Prime has its distinctions, just like Disney Plus. Netflix is no exception. Being the pioneer company in the market, it encompasses its unique and differential side.


One of Netflix’s most exciting features is ​​ its films, documentaries, and series productions. Among these, we can highlight the innovative ‘ House of Cards ‘. Likewise, it promotes many other films directed by various film houses.

Another interesting point to remember is that Netflix increases its catalog every month. That is, as time goes by, new series, movies, and documentaries are added. It is worth noting that these are not only renewed films but also great classics or cult films. Netflix users often request these, and depending on the demand, an effort is made to integrate them into the medium.

It can also be added that thanks to users’ constant activity, the Netflix algorithm has various qualities. One of these is the ability to study, analyze, and evaluate what content is most consumed by its users. Therefore, it is certain what kind of movies and series people watch in the United States, Brazil, and other countries.

Thanks to this data, Netflix can know what content to add, create, or enter on the platform and understand the exact moment to publish it or bring it to light. For this reason, it is considered one of the most complete streaming services, surpassing Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and HBO.

Finally, we must consider one last quite interesting feature: Netflix Party. You will surely be wondering: What is it? What is it about? Well, we explain that it is an option you can activate from the Google Chrome browser. Netflix Party will allow you to send a link to the movie, series, or documentary you are watching to whoever you want. The goal of Netflix Party is for you to watch it simultaneously without any problem or inconvenience.

What is your rating on Netflix?

Like many other streaming platforms, Netflix has its age category for movies and series. These establish which layer of content is appropriated or not by a sector of users. At the same time, it also warns the client what scenes they may see in the movie or series they selected. This hierarchy appears in the corner of the screen before the content begins to play.

We can start with the most consumed classification, which is R. The ‘R’ is because it is restricted to those under 18 years of age. Therefore, it is known as adult content. Scenes with violent or aggressive language, drugs, nudity, sexual activities, and much more may appear here. However, Netflix does not have the name ‘Rated R’; it only has ‘Adults 18+’.

Other classes, such as ‘Adults 16+ ‘, ‘Teens 13+’, and ‘Children 7+’, contain content for all audiences. Likewise, we can see this classification before viewing the content.

What is parental control on Netflix?

As Netflix’s name suggests, it is an option for settling an account. When discussing it, we focus on what kind of content can be displayed and what type will be restricted. Parents use parental control when giving their little ones an account.

Parental control allows the parent to control the content their child will see fully. This way, you can prevent movies, series, or documentaries rated R from intruding. However, it is interesting to remember that Netflix has a section for children called ‘ Netflix Kids, ‘ which makes parental control a bit unnecessary.

Netflix plans and services

Netflix has around four plans and services that adapt to their respective users’ demands and pockets. We can find the basic plan with ads, standard, and premium. All of them have various characteristics and differ by country. We will analyze it here, considering the prices in the United States.


The basic plan with ads allows us to simultaneously play content on a single device. That is, it cannot be used or shared by anyone else. Another critical point is that you will watch movies and series in HD. However, there is an expectation that some titles may not be playable.

We will also be able to enjoy new Netflix games, which is one of the new unique features of this streaming platform. Finally, we can clarify that this basic plan with ads costs $6.99 per month in the United States.

Now, we have the basic plan. With this option, we can play content on a single device simultaneously. We will have the entire Netflix catalog at our disposal without restriction. You will see all the content in the highest quality, HD. As such, there will not be any ads or downloads on only one device. Its price in the United States is $9.99 per month.


Then, there is the standard plan. With this service, we can use two devices simultaneously. We can watch various movies, series, or documentaries on the platform. We will be assured of Full HD quality. There will be series and films without advertising. In addition, we can download content on two devices. In the United States, the price is $15.49 per month.

Finally, we have the premium plan. This is the best plan that Netflix offers. It allows the use of four devices at the same time. We can watch all kinds of series, movies and documentaries. We will have access to unlimited mobile games. You are going to acquire ultra HD quality assurance. We will be able to watch series and movies without advertising. Plus, it downloads on four devices at the same time. Its cost in the United States is $19.99 per month.

Netflix compatible devices

Netflix is connected to many devices, including almost all types of mobile phones, inside operating systems such as Android and iOS. However, it is worth noting that it is possible that if you have an ancient version of Android, it may not be compatible. Your Android version should be within the range that the application accepts. You also need to have decent RAM  to use the app.

Likewise, other devices, such as Blu-ray players, game consoles, television (Smart TV), tablets, laptops, and computers, can be considered.

What are Netflix’s advantages and disadvantages?

Netflix has enormous fame and has reached the entire planet. But the truth is, it’s not for nothing. This streaming platform has one of the most complete catalogs, including the best and most successful series, movies, documentaries, and more. It has managed to give Netflix a jump above its competition.

In addition, this platform has quite affordable prices for its clients. It generates unique plans for those who cannot afford a premium or standard subscription.

One of its disadvantages is that, in recent years, it has focused too much on specific audiences, which has shown some disinterest in other sectors of users and their tastes. It has pigeonholed Netflix into a particular class of content. However, the platform has tried to change this issue.


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