How To Use Instagram For Business – A Best Guide

I assure you that you came to this article of Tech support Reviews because you saw how your favorite brand uses Instagram for business. You were surprised by the photos, stories, videos, surveys, and other publications that make it impossible not to follow or interact with her.

Follow these recommendations and take advantage of every benefit of Instagram for business.

Instagram profiles for businesses

Instagram profiles for businesses

In this space, you must clearly state your company’s mission. Therefore, everything you present here must convey a coherent message.

1.  Name

As he points out, this part is one of the essential values of your company. Remember that the name is your first opportunity to communicate with your followers.

2.  Username

It is the name your followers will use to find and tag you in their posts. It is worth 1000 for a follower to organize your company for free. That means that you are building loyalty and using the advantages of Instagram for companies very well.

3.  Category

It would be beneficial here if you chose the title of your company. It will appear under the main name.

4.  Web page

If you have a website, you must put it here. In the management of Instagram for companies, you will notice that it is the only place to insert a link to visit your page.

5.  Biography

You must explain what you are and what you do. In this space, you have 150 characters to summarize your company’s creative work. In this space, I recommend that you use a couple of emojis.

6.  Call to action

It is a button that connects the profile with other online services. Allow visitors to order or reserve according to what you have established.

If you use Instagram for your business, you can also consider promoting your brand on the most used social networks.

Instagram feed for businesses

Instagram feed for businesses

All the publications of photographs, videos (less than 60 seconds), or reels that you make are presented and saved in this place.

A good Instagram feed for business should maintain a style and personality. Don’t forget that everything you decide to go to your meal will have a square preview.

Instagram stories companies

Instagram video makers, photos, or 15-second vertical posts are known as stories. This option would be a good alternative if you decided to use Instagram for business.

These posts are only available for 24 hours, after which they are automatically archived. You can create a list of highlighted stories that can always be seen.

Instagram stories companies

Have you seen stories that, when you swipe up they take you to another page? Only if you have more than 10,000 followers can you activate this option.

If you want to know the impact of your stories, you must learn to interpret the statistics.

Content creation for your business Instagram

A good photo or video captures everyone’s attention. Therefore, always consider a good photographic composition to generate your brand presence.

I’m sure that in this online photography course for social networks, you will learn everything you need to make your Instagram feed for companies look incredible.

Also, I have prepared for you this list of applications that will help you create content for Instagram.

Tools to create mobile content

In video

An online video editor helps you create Instagram reels, stories, and feed post videos with the perfect template and aspect ratio. You can share your created videos directly to your Instagram business profile using InVideo.


Available in PC and mobile version. It is a great tool to design quickly. The app has a free version that allows you to access more than 60,000 free templates. If you are short on time, maintaining your company’s Instagram account will be a great help.

Square Pic

This application allows you to publish the entire photo on Instagram. You can create collages, combine images, and add filters. The best: You have a fair idea in seconds.


This application is insistent that you buy the license. If you don’t want to pay, there is always an X at the end of the screen for you to run away from membership. Despite that, it is an app that has many tools that can get you out of trouble.

Advantages of Instagram for companies

Advantages of Instagram for companies

  • Define the personality of your brand through publications.
  • Contribute to web traffic with the link available in the biography.
  • Access to Instagram statistics for companies.
  • You have the call to action button enabled in your profile.
  • Your Instagram business profile can be connected to the Facebook fan page.

Tips to increase followers on Instagram for companies

  • Define publication times, both in the feed and in the stories.
  • Use hashtags in your posts, but not excessively.
  • Go ahead and speak directly to your followers. Smile and record yourself.
  • Give valuable information to your audience, do not use your publications only to sell.
  • Run giveaways where you ask them to tag your company.

Measure the performance of your Instagram for business

Measure the performance of your Instagram for business

You can see the statistics of Instagram for companies

According to the Hubspot web portal, it can be measured:

The account profile

  • Impressions: Times a post was viewed at a time.
  • Interactions: The total number of interactions for the account.
  • Scope: Number of individual accounts that viewed a post.
  • Profile Visits: Visitors to the Instagram profile for business.
  • Click to the website: Times users went to the company’s website.
  • Call to action: Number of clicks on this button.
  • Mentions: Number of times other users mentioned your company on Instagram.

Individual posts

In addition to the above metrics, these types of publications record:

  • Saved: Times a user held a post to view it again later.
  • Comments: Number of words for a post.

Instagram Stories Analysis

In addition to the usual metrics, Stories records the following information:

  • Exits: Number of times a user skips the stories.
  • Answers: Number of times a user answers the story.
  • Stories Information: Lists the accounts that have repeatedly viewed the story.


The advantage of Instagram for companies is that it allows them to design a good strategy with defined objectives. If the path we are taking is the correct one, we can verify it through the statistics.


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