What is a scrim? – Know the rules of these friendly matches

Video games foster competitiveness among individuals as they continually strive to outperform their opponents and triumph, even beyond tournaments. Nonetheless, some friendly games are geared toward promoting learning and preparation. This article elucidates the concept of a scrim and provides insights into how to arrange such closely contested matches. Furthermore, it outlines the consoles and devices suitable for hosting scrim games and tournaments.

What is a scrim?


A scrim, an abbreviation for “scrimmage,” represents a practice match or friendly game in various competitive activities, spanning sports, esports, and gaming. It is an informal and typically unranked training, practice, or warm-up platform. Scrims enable teams or individual players to refine their skills and strategies without the intense pressure and stakes of official matches or competitions. These practice matches are pivotal in enhancing participants’ performance and readiness for more significant competitive events.

How do you participate in a scrim game?

Video games rank among the most popular leisure activities for young people, often featuring an online connection that unites individuals from across the globe. This connectivity allows players to immerse themselves in digital realms, facilitated by electronic devices like the sensorama. Additionally, it provides access to a broad spectrum of gaming experiences, ranging from tournaments to more laid-back activities such as scrims.

A scrim entails a friendly match pitting two teams or players against each other in the same video game, be it Counter-Strike, Minecraft, FIFA, or another title. These encounters or sessions are arranged for training, enjoyment, or preparation for upcoming tournaments. Unlike official matches, scrims do not come with prizes or rankings. Instead, they offer a platform for honing gaming skills and strategic prowess.

Scrim games are played in a manner akin to regular matches, though with particular distinctions. Typically, teams or players pre-establish the rules, game mode, map, schedule, and the platform on which the scrim will unfold. External communication channels, such as Discord or Skype, facilitate participant coordination and interaction. The objective is to create the most valuable learning experience while not excessively emphasizing the scrimmage’s outcome. Although statistics are unaffected by a loss, the participants’ pride is still at stake.

The key disparity between a scrim and a ranked game lies in the latter being an official match that can impact the player’s or team’s in-game rank. Ranked games also carry prizes or rewards linked to the final standings and adhere to fixed and unalterable rules.

Conversely, a scrim is a friendly match that does not influence a player’s or team’s rank within the game, nor does it yield any rewards dependent on the match’s outcome.

What Are the Rules of a Scrim?

The rules governing a scrim are contingent upon the specific video game, map, and, in some cases, the gaming platform. Furthermore, the rules are typically agreed upon by the participating teams or players before the start of the match.

Key regulations include:

  • Prohibition of cheats, hacks, or glitches that provide an unfair advantage or disrupt the game’s integrity.
  • The scrim must not be prematurely abandoned unless due to unforeseeable, game-unrelated circumstances.
  • They are generally maintaining respectful and non-offensive conduct towards fellow participants.
  • Preserving confidential or strategic information concerning the opposing team or player forms a part of tournament preparation.
  • Adherence to restrictions or limitations on weapon use, character selection, abilities, or other in-game elements.

How long is a scrim session?

The duration of a scrim session can vary significantly, contingent upon factors such as the specific game, arena, number of players, and the number and length of individual games. For instance, a session in a shooter video game like Call of Duty Mobile may consist of several short games, each lasting approximately 10 minutes.

On the other hand, a session in a strategy game like League of Legends could encompass one or two extended games, each spanning around 40 minutes. Fortnite games, involving world-building, also tend to be lengthy, while in sports games like FIFA, each friendly match can be as brief as 5 to 10 minutes.

How is a scrim tournament organized?


A scrim tournament represents a friendly competition among multiple teams or players within the same video game. Much like regular tournaments, it serves the purposes of training, enjoyment, and preparation for official tournaments. Typically, scrim tournaments lack official prizes or rankings. However, they provide a more competitive and challenging environment than standard scrim sessions.

The organization of a scrim tournament is akin to that of a conventional video game tournament, with these key distinctions:

  • Teams or players generally preregister on an online platform, often utilizing services like Challonge or Tournament, where the scrim tournament is announced.
  • Detailed rules, encompassing the game mode, map, schedule, and gaming platform, are established.
  • External communication tools like WhatsApp, Discord, or Skype facilitate participant coordination.
  • The participating teams or players compete in a single-elimination or double-elimination format until they reach the final match.

Where can a scrim tournament be played?

Scrim tournaments can be organized on various gaming platforms or devices if the chosen game supports online connectivity.

Popular choices for hosting scrims include:

PC Video Games

PC Video Games

Personal computers remain a significant platform for hosting scrim games. Games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and Valorant offer competitive multiplayer modes, making them well-suited for scrim practice.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users can also partake in scrims, although they may encounter fewer opportunities due to players’ preferences on other platforms. Compatibility and fairness often dictate that participants play on the same platform.

PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X/S

PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X/S

These gaming consoles and Android or iOS devices represent prevalent choices for engaging in scrims. Various games are available, including popular sports titles like FIFA and PES.

A straightforward process is recommended to find a team or players for scrim matches. Begin by identifying and joining an online platform that caters to advertising or organizing scrims. Platforms like Challonge, Toornament, and Discord are prime examples. Create a profile featuring your name, skill level, region, availability, and preferred role in the game. Explore the platform’s options for searching or creating scrims, allowing you to filter based on factors like the video game, game mode, number of participants, and schedule.

Reach out to other teams or players whose preferences align with your own by sending private messages or joining group chats. Agree with the team or player on the rules, platform, passcode, and preferred communication method for the scrim match.


Scrims are invaluable tools for players and teams to refine their gaming abilities and strategic insight, free from the pressures of official competitions. By comprehending the rules and guidelines, gamers can optimize their practice sessions, thus enhancing their performance in the competitive esports landscape. Be it on consoles or other gaming devices. Scrims provide an indispensable avenue for growth and improvement in the ever-evolving realm of competitive gaming.


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