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Technology Law Write For Us

Technology Law

Technology Law Write For Us

Technology Law Write For Us –Technology law is the legal system regulating technology use. It is an area of Law that oversees technology’s public and private use. Technology law encompasses all of the effects of modern means and methods of communication on society.

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Technology is the scientifically ordered technical knowledge that allows the designing and creation of goods and services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and satisfy humanity’s essential needs and desires.

The Law

It is the set of rules that meets the needs of people, seeking the well-being of each of us.

Since Lee Loevinger, responsible for the “Antitrust Division” of the United States government- published in 1949 a work in which he dealt, for the first time, with the use of computers in Law, there is already vast wealth of publications around a new branch of Law, with claims of scientific autonomy, which has come to be called “Computer Law” and also “Legal Informatics.”

Starting from the birth of “cybernetics” by Norbert Wiener, a series of empirical and theoretical studies were developed in Europe in which the new science was applied to the field of Law, and which came to be called “Iuscybernetics.” One of the first applications of legal informatics -in the United States- was aimed at supporting judicial activity, although the peculiarities of the Anglo-American legal system posed few problems.

Current Example

According to the FBI, computer forensics is the science of acquiring, preserving, obtaining, and presenting data that has been processed electronically and stored on a computer. Computer forensics then makes its appearance as an auxiliary discipline of modern justice to face the challenges and techniques of computer intruders, as well as a guarantor of the truth around the digital evidence that could be provided in a process.


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