What is Google Plus? – Everything about the Google social network

The competition on the Internet is quite intense, as there are many blogs and very varied sites. Therefore, to survive and fight in the market, you must have many features, especially regarding a social network. In that sense, we will talk about what Google Plus is, a communication website that fell by the wayside. He could not stand up to his opponents despite representing the largest company in this sector.

Meaning and concept of Google Plus

Google Plus

There is no reference to an updated search engine when discussing Google Plus. On the contrary, it is a site on the Internet as a social network proposed by the company Google Inc. Well; they had the firm conviction of competing against Facebook and Twitter, which at the time were the two big ones in the market, with many influencers, but not as much as today.

This is a service whose purpose is for users to communicate in a social space on the Internet. The company intended to integrate its other functions. In that sense, it connected with what YouTube and Blogger are. Therefore, Google was the search engine with cookies and a network of services.

The company launched the social network in 2011, its fourth attempt worldwide. However, popularity started to come a year later as Google suggested a firm rule. In that sense, if a person wanted to work with Gmail or YouTube, they had to open a Google+ profile. Although this measure did not last long, the platform gained thousands of followers quickly.

What is Google+ for?

The function of the Google Plus website was to serve as a social interaction platform. In that sense, it was a social network similar to Facebook a few years ago. So, people had the possibility of creating a profile in which to upload their photos.

Likewise, there was a special section for chat. In which each user had the power to search for one of their friends and start a conversation. Of course, stickers or many memes do not exist today. You could enter through the Android software or with Apple mobile devices through a cell phone application. However, access from a desktop computer or laptop is also possible using the official website.

What are the features of Google Plus?

One of the characteristics of Google+ is that you must be over 13 years old to open an account. Otherwise, the platform could not be accessed through a profile. Over time, security policies and cookies have been updated and become more strict. It was not necessary to use an RPS system, but several filters had to be passed.

The imposition of the Google Plus account on YouTube users can also be counted in this area. Likewise, it must be said that it was valid to download it on Android Software or on devices that work with iOS. In addition, it should be mentioned that, in the beginning, the platform only worked with the English language.

In that sense, it must be remembered that it was in a trial period. They were measuring whether their launch had the fruits Google wanted to reap. Therefore, the English version remained, while the Spanish version did not have a quick release to the market.

Another fact is that even though the social network of the Google search engine has already closed, it still has many affiliations. So, statistics show that it still has more than 570 million registered people. This is a relatively large number, considering it is not among the most popular social networks. However, this is due to the benefits given to companies in terms of links with YouTube and Gmail.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Plus?

One of the advantages of using Google Plus is that the rest does not bury the information you share on the timeline. In that sense, compared with Facebook, the first one drops in position when making several posts and remains lower as the days go by.

However, on Google Plus, it does not happen that way since everything shared on that social network is recorded in the search engine. So, if you type a related word in the browser, it will be easy to find your post.

On the other hand, another point in its favor is the connection of the social network with other platforms such as email and YouTube. For example, when you added a friend, the site showed you their email and YouTube account. Therefore, adding the individual in Gmail and following her performance on the video website was also valid.

As for the negative things, the language must be mentioned again. Well, for the user who does not know English, it wasn’t easy to use the platform. This meant that many people left the social network before they started adding new features.

With the closure of the social version, the positive point was that Google accounts remained open. Since, with the same profile, you are an honest blogger, YouTube and Gmail. However, the option to permanently delete the report was also made available.

Now, what remained active was the space destined for the business sector.  It is a paid service that large corporations use to advertise their companies. So, placing business blog links and photos of your products is feasible. Using keywords or phrases to position the object in the search engine is essential.

What is the difference between Google and Google+?

There is a big difference between Google and the Google Plus service. Well, the first is a browser that contains a search engine. That is, a program you open to enter any of the pages, sites, or blogs on the Internet. In addition, it is integrated into devices that use Android software because Apple devices use Safari. Save Cookies and information such as passwords.

On the other hand, Google+ is a web page on the Internet; it is a service to which a person can subscribe. It is a social network like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Therefore, opening an account or profile is necessary to start interacting. Accessing it through the Google browser or any other is valid. You have the possibility of attaching photos.

Why did Google+ close?

Today, the Google social network is not available commercially. Well, the company closed the section due to several problems that arose in its management. In that sense, they did not know how to control the failure of Wave and Buzz since they did not learn from those pages and did not add better features.

Likewise, the typical user was disappointed in this service due to the constant failures. An example is that Google+ software did not optimally prevent attackers from accessing each person’s information. Therefore, many profiles were hacked, and people with bad intentions became victims. So, in 2019, it was decided to close the social service. However, it is still available to large companies for commercial and educational purposes.


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