What is BeReal? – The best instant photo app

The new rival of Instagram and TikTok. In 2022, a new social network has begun to go viral, BeReal, the app that seeks greater authenticity in users. Its principle is based on those who use it to show themselves as they are through photography. In this way, those parts of the app publish photos in real time without retouching or modifications.

What does ‘BeReal’ mean?


BeReal, or ‘be real’ as its name refers, is based on people showing themselves as they are without filters or edits. Its objective is to offer each individual their true self in a way that is a little more risky and different than usual. Below, we explain what BeReal is as an application:

What is the BeReal app?

BeReal focuses on showing a more accurate approach to its users, like in random moments of an everyday day. This application will ask you to upload and share a photo with your friends at a specific time.

This application could be part of the new era on the internet, showing an advance to the technology we know on a personal level as individuals. On the other hand, its great boom has led many brands and companies to want to be part of BeReal. However, this is not an app focusing on marketing since its creators have clarified that they do not want the application to be part of e-commerce.

Despite its incredible growth,  BeReal has a disadvantage compared to other apps. Regarding the economy, its income is lower by not allowing advertising or commerce.

It has been explained that brands and social media influencers can join BeReal but cannot promote themselves. This app only fulfills the objective of maintaining its uniqueness, so if you want to advertise on social networks, you might be more interested in other applications.

How does BeReal work?

Like any other social network, you must download this app, which is currently only available on iOS and Google Play, and then create an account to log in. You can start sharing with friends, family, and acquaintances or make new friends through the app.

Every day, BeReal will ask you to take a photo of the exact moment and place where you are without changes or corrections. The application itself does not allow it, and this is how the peculiarity of BeReal arises, which differentiates it from other photography apps, such as the social network Instagram, which is characterized by the use of filters and effects in the stories.

You have to be quick; you only have 2 minutes from BeReal’s telling you to take a photo. With your internal camera, you will take a selfie; at the exact moment, an image will be handled with your external camera. Two consecutive photos of you and the place where you are at that moment will be published. If you don’t like the result of the photo, you can delete it and retake one at the same starting time, but the app will alert other users that you took another picture.

How long does a BeReal last?

If you wonder how long a photo lasts in BeReal, you should know it lasts 24 hours. The app will ask you to take a photo a day. Otherwise, you will not be able to see what other users publish. This allows you to not waste as much of your time in the application as with the others; one of its objectives is maintaining a passive job.

You can highlight the memories you like most and share your publications on the social networks you want.

How to download the BeReal app?

With a 4.9 star rating, this app is only available for iOS and Google Play. Within the download platforms, the BeReal application is free; you have to search for it and click download.

How do you create an account on BeReal?

After having BeReal on your tablet or mobile phone, they will ask you for some information to register with it. You start with your cell phone number, name, and age. Establish a user of your choice and create a password. That’s it; being part of this exciting app is easy. Don’t forget to add your friends, and open yourself to meeting new people; you could form a friendship.

How to set BeReal to private?

You decide who sees your posts; your BeReal can be public or private. Within the same app, there are three points; you click on them and configure your account’s privacy. Only your contacts will be able to see what you post.


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