What is YouTube? – Know everything about the video network

YouTube is one of the largest platforms on the internet, with millions of users, both in the consumer plan and in content and video creators. So, in the article, we will explain what the YouTube web service is and its history. In addition, we will see some of its characteristics and its relationship with other social networks. We will also review the different versions of YouTube that came to the market regarding applications such as Premium, Vanced, Go, and the popular Life.

Meaning and concept of YouTube


YouTube is the most used platform on the Internet and the second in terms of search engine behind Google. It is a place for videos on various topics, where influencers and content creators work to entertain people.

YouTube’s name comes from its slogan, which invites people to spread the word themselves. In that sense, the community is invited to be the users themselves who create their content. So YouTube could be translated as your television.

YouTube is pure entertainment, as there is an immensity of varied channels. So, if you are a fan of cooking, you can look for a blog dedicated to showing recipes. One of the most popular sections is the gaming part, where YouTubers post videos of them playing. They are even related to other social networks, such as Twitch or Pinterest, as they are audiovisual mediums where there is news, fashion, music, and movies.

On YouTube, it doesn’t matter what country you live in; it is possible to find content from anywhere in the world. In that sense, being from Latin America, watching a channel from the United Kingdom is valid. In addition, it has subtitles that allow you to understand what they say.

What is YouTube Vaced?

When discussing the history of YouTube, we must mention Vanced and the Go version. Both services are applications with many similarities. Vanced is an app that is no longer operational today. Well, Google decided to discontinue it to give a better boost to the Premium version.

In that sense, Vanced was an application used for a limited time. When you passed from there, it would take you off the platform. It did not have advertisements and could be heard in the background. So, it was not necessary to load the video image. It could be downloaded on mobile devices.

Now, the YouTube Go App is a service distributed by Android. Although most cell phones have the regular YouTube application, this program is available in the Play Store. The function was to improve the service of the natural platform since there were certain restrictions depending on the country. However, with the updates, Google also shut down YT Go.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube also has a streaming service called Premium. The function of this part of YouTube is to have hours of playback without seeing any advertising. In that sense, we must remember that many content creators generate money by putting a promotion in a video.

Therefore, a small clip of a brand or company appears before starting the video, requiring you to look at it for at least 10 seconds before jumping over it. However, many users are bothered by advertising with ads, as they become more repetitive when the duration of the video is long.

Therefore, for those who listen to music through YouTube, it is a problem. Well, it paralyzes the songs, or there is no direct transition between one and the other. So, the Premium service offers to remove these ads from your account. However, it requires a monthly price that you must pay on time to have all the Premium benefits of the platform.

What is YouTube Music?


Now, some people use YouTube on the internet just for music. Well, we must remember that the platform is the site where most famous singers upload their promotional and official videos of their songs. Therefore, there are a large number of tunes on the site.

In that sense, there is YouTube Music for those not interested in entertainment content. That is, a second platform designed for those who do not watch news, games, or funny clips.  There, you will only find the musical part. Now, let’s define YouTube Music since it is one of the most important in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. Like the primary platform, it has a base and Premium versions. So, there is an entirely free service; in the other, you must purchase a subscription.

The difference between the two is quite broad since the videos are played with an image in free YouTube Music. In addition, from time to time, you will get ads and publicity. On the other hand, Premium allows users to play songs without interruptions. Likewise, the person has the possibility of choosing between two options.

In that sense, the first is the standard video playback, while the second is the song with only audio. That is, without the image being displayed. In addition, this variable gives the user the power to exit the application and keep the music playing on the mobile device. It is also possible to place a closed caption in subtitle mode. Try not to use such music in your videos, as most of it is copyrighted, and copyright is powerful.

What is YouTube Life?

Do not confuse YouTube Lite with YouTuber Life, which happens quite frequently. In that case, the Lite is a version of the original application with less weight. It was created so that users who do not have much memory on their devices can download it. So, it does not have all the features like shorts.

Youtubers Life is a viral video game in some of the countries like in, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It is a simulation in which the game makes it seem like you are in real life. The plot concerns the business world and is related to YouTube.

What is YouTube for?

YouTube’s primary function and objective is to entertain the public through its videos. However, it is not YouTube that creates the content; instead, it gives users the power to make their themes themselves. However, it places some rules, such as not infringing the copyright of some songs or images.

So, Youtubers seek the best quality in their videos to attract people. They must also be interested in what they talk and show. So, as they gain subscribers, they improve the content. It is essential to consider your audience’s participation through their comments and featured comments. Well, if they don’t like some video, then you don’t fulfill the function of entertaining.

YouTube also promotes things; we already talked about the example of musical artists. Through YouTube, they upload videos of their songs to publicize their authorship. As for sports, many sports teams invite guests to their games or release clips of their training sessions.

Thus, followers can be aware of what is happening to them. In that sense, YouTube is a visualization method; if you want people to see you, it is the right platform. Additionally, you can advertise for yourself if you connect your channel with your social media accounts.

How does YouTube work?

YouTube works by channels, which is the equivalent of profiles on social networks. In that sense, you must create a medium to upload the videos. Once that is done, you have to start looking for followers, the same as the public that views the content.

The basis of your videos must be original things, personal opinions, and creativity. You must be aware of the copyright of the platform. Well, it is different in each country. Think carefully about the type of content; there is a lot of diversity.

YouTube pays YouTubers or content creators as long as they meet several requirements. The channel has to have a certain visibility on the platform, so those who are just starting do not get paid. You must have more than 1000 permanent subscribers.

In addition to that, more than 4 thousand views on YouTube are required. That is, your audience consumes you enough until you exceed that number. That tells the algorithm that the blog and videos are essential and reach a specific population. So, the same website begins to promote you.

Apart from that, other personal things are required, such as a wallet account on an external platform, but one that is associated with YouTube. Be over 18, have an international bank account, and other matters. Due to the payment, many people started uploading videos and becoming content creators. Some achieve fame, while others become stagnant. The idea is to have perseverance and desire to emerge.

What is the history and creators of YouTube?

The birth of the YouTube platform occurred in 2005 when three friends put their ideas together for a common goal. These individuals worked together at PayPal until they decided to resign together. Among their names, Jawed Karin, one of the great founders, stands out. Also, Steve Chen and, of course, Chad Hurley. Their idea was to create a page supporting audio and video content.

A rumor in the history of the creation of YouTube suggests that these companions went to a party together. A few days later, they wanted to share their recorded experiences with more people, but they did not find a place where they were allowed to do so. Therefore, they began to work on a website that accepted that type of content. His project was a resounding success, and the following year, his small company received a purchase offer. Then, Google INC acquired YouTube for an amount close to 1.65 billion.


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