The best accessories for your bike: The technology your bike needs

The best accessories for your bike, If you want to know what accessories can improve your bike, you are in the right place.

These are the best accessories that cycling lovers will want to have:

As La Vecina Rubia would say on Twitter: we all have a friend who bikes everywhere. And if you don’t have it, it is you.

If you have reached this article, it is undoubtedly because you are the person who goes by bike to all places or enjoys spending hours and hours pedalling with his bicycle.

There are bikes of many different types, but they all share something in common (besides having two wheels):

You can improve them with a series of accessories that will make your experience on those two wheels much more practical.

Below we have put together a series of accessories and items that every bike lover wants.

Best gadgets, accessories and accessories for your bike

Waterproof bag for your smartphone

Waterproof bag for your smartphone

  • It is one of the most practical ways to see the GPS on your mobile while pedalling.
  • It can also be helpful to change songs if you listen to music.
  • Although we recommend that you do not wear helmets while cycling, it is convenient for you to have all your senses active.
  • This case has a transparent side that will adapt to your smartphone’s screen, allowing the touch screen to continue working without a problem.
  • In addition to storing your mobile while cycling, you can keep more things since it has extra space at the bottom.
  • In addition to the touch screen, you will find a sunshade that will help you see the GPS on your mobile even when there is too much light.
  • If you are concerned about compatibility, the giant screen that can be used with this case is 7 inches, which means that any mobile, even the largest, will be suitable for this bag.

Bluetooth smart lock

Bluetooth smart lock

  • If you have to park your bike outside, you should have a good lock to protect it from theft.
  • Now there are smart locks you can control with an app from your mobile.
  • This is the case with this intelligent lock model for your Linka bike.
  • This lock offers functions that a standard lock does not have. For example, you have a 110db alarm that will go off if they force the lock.
  • However, you can also use that same alarm as a search function if you can’t find the bike.
  • You will have to download a free app (available for both Apple and Android) and through this app.
  • And also, You can operate the lock, automatically unlock it with Bluetooth when you approach the bike or use the back function that allows you to see the last place where you parked the bike.

Cosmo Ride bike light

Cosmo Ride bike light

  • To ensure safety, choose the right lights for your bike, especially if you drive at night.
  • This Decathlon model can be on the back of your bike, under the saddle, and on the back of your helmet.
  • It is an LED light with a luminous intensity of 90 lumens that will allow you to mark brake, emergency, and position lights.
  • You can control these lights using a remote control that you will incorporate on your handlebar without releasing your hands.
  • In addition, you can download the Cosmo app to share your entire journey with family or friends.
  • This app also has the function that allows you to notify emergencies in less than 3 minutes, thanks to the GPS location.

Smart helmets for cyclists

Smart helmet for cyclists

  • You can also wear helmet lights thanks to this smart helmet from Livall.
  • This helmet also allows you to control various functions using a remote control that you will place on your bike’s handlebar.
  • You can activate the lights on the back of the helmet to illuminate as a bright LED to keep your insight if you are going on the road or as an indicator.
  • This model’s new feature is that it comes with a windproof earpiece that will allow you to communicate, receive GPS navigation data without interference, or listen to music.
  • Through an app, the sensors integrated into the helmet will warn of where you are in the event of a fall being detected.
  • Emergencies will also be called automatically by SMS.

Cyclist backpack

Cyclist backpack

  • You will need a backpack if you go on a trip all day.
  • We recommend using a unique model for cyclists as it will be designed to bother you while you are pedalling.
  • This backpack has a capacity of 20L and is made of waterproof material, so you can carry it without problems, even when it rains.
  • The backpack is also very light, weighing only 0.6 grams, one more reason that makes it ultra-comfortable for cyclists.
  • Thanks to a mesh cover in the lower zippered pocket, you can store your helmet in this backpack when you park your bike.
  • It comes with special clips that will hold your helmet perfectly.


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