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Social Media Write For Us

Social Media Write For Us-Social networks are digital networks that connect people with common interests, activities or relationships. These platforms allow contact between the individuals that comprise them and function as a means of exchanging information. The information published by a user can be public or private. So, to Write For Us, you can email us at

Types of Social Media

  • Personal social networks.
  • Entertainment social networks
  • Professional social networks.
  • Niche social networks.

The ten most important social Media

  1. Facebook

Although, in recent years, some think it has gone out of style, the truth is that Facebook’s dominance in active users is overwhelming.

It exceeds  2.5 billion active users worldwide. As it is a public social network, it can be adapted to the strategies of various brands, especially B2C

  1. YouTube

YouTube exceeds  2 billion active users, and more than 1 billion videos are watched daily on this platform. Undoubtedly, it is the world leader in video format,

one of the most exciting online marketing content types. Uploading your videos to YouTube can offer you significant advantages in terms of visibility

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging social network worldwide and has around  2 billion active users. It has had a significant influence worldwide, to the point that it has changed how we communicate.

The great strength of WhatsApp in online marketing is its speed and convenience as a customer service channel

  1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the world’s With an active user base of more than 1.2 billion seconds most used instant messaging application. It should be noted that it is integrated with Instagram messaging.

At the level of social media marketing, Facebook Messenger is a channel with great potential for brands with a Facebook page.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is the fifth social network worldwide with active users since it exceeds  1.2 billion. It is a social network marked by the phenomenon of influencers since

it is one of the most used platforms to promote brands, and in which this type of content enjoys more user acceptance

  1. Weixin/WeChat

WeChat is a relatively unknown Chinese social network in our country, but it also has a base of more than  1.2 billion active users…It has multiple features, including a messaging service, geolocation, official

or verified accounts, options to share images, states, links and other elements to selected contacts, a payment system and even a version for professional use similar to Slack. For brands

  1. TikTok

We arrive at the fashionable social network  TikTok, which far exceeds  600 million active users and is based on sharing short video content, often in “playback” format.

His popularity exploded, especially during the confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.TikTok is a network that is particularly suitable for connecting with younger users.

  1. QQ

In eighth place, we have QQ, which exceeds  600 million users and is one of the most popular in China.

In recent years it has been losing strength compared to WeChat, but it is still an option to consider for companies doing business in China.

  1. Dou-jin

Douyin is around  600 million active users. It is often referred to as “Chinese Tik Tok” since, like this network, it allows you to create and share short music videos. Its relevance in our country is closely linked to the world of football.

In 2020, it signed an agreement with La Liga by which Douyin undertakes to offer quality content from Spanish content and its clubs, increasing its reach beyond our borders

  1. Sina Weibo

The Chinese social network Sina Weibo is closing the top ten, with more than  500 million active users. It has many features in common with Twitter.

Such as the 140-character limit per message, the sign to mention other users, the use of hashtags, the options to republish content and add it to favourite lists, and the verification of user accounts.

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