What is a Youtuber? – Meet YouTube Influencers

Nowadays, many people make a living through social networks and the internet. Although not a profession, many business opportunities grow a person’s economy. So, here we will talk about one of these occupations: being a YouTuber. We will explain what this activity is, its function, and other important information.

Definition and concept of a YouTuber

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A YouTuber is a person who works through one of the most famous Google platforms. We are talking about YouTube, a website where videos of various types are posted. Therefore, the individual who speaks in the clips is an influencer, attracting the masses to his channel.

It is not a professional job, but it is one of the most profitable in the world if you are successful. In this sense, many people decided not to study anything to become a YouTuber and create content. However, to stand out, you must have a series of knowledge.

In that sense, the most important thing is to know how to speak in front of the Webcam camera and have a personality. You must have fun and entertain the public to gain followers. Otherwise, your channel will not grow, and your business will not be profitable. Likewise, you must know about video editing, a difficult task that some solve with a team.

What do YouTubers do?

You tuber

The main area of ​​work of a YouTuber is the YouTube platform. However, they must also move through social networks to execute advertising. In that sense, it is not enough to make the videos if there is no advertising, so that is when you must become an influencer. That is, managing communities on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so that they consume the content and interact with it.

The YouTube business is simple but complex at the same time. They must create a video for public entertainment and upload it to a YouTube channel. However, there is a small catch, because you must first generate several followers to start making money.

The content of the video depends on the creator of the video. However, it is necessary to choose a specific topic because uploading videos from different areas can confuse the public. By this, we mean you should not mix things like presenting sports news in a clip. While, in the next one talk about baking.

Among the content that is most consumed on YouTube are YouTube gamers. Those who record themselves playing a video game in the United Kingdom or any other part of the world, the most famous being Swedish. You also have the possibility of reacting to another person playing. Here, the topic is virtual games.


In second rank are those who perform humor through the platform. In this line, you must have personality and charisma to attract people from the internet.  you have to share the videos on Google through social networks and a blog so that there is publicity.

And in a third box, you can mention those responsible for making tutorials. Here, the terrain is also quite broad since some have a blog about how to apply makeup. At the same time, others handle the gastronomic part with a food channel like Súper Pilopi. Some give travel, life, and health advice. And there are even academic channels with math and physics exercises.

The entertainment sector also covers a large sector of the YouTuber business. Especially those that talk about movies, specifically superhero and series channels. Examples include The Top Comics, The Bottle of Kandor, Maglor, Strip Marvel, etc. Regarding sports news, the Cracks or Mundo Maldini media stand out.

In another order of ideas, specific channels are used for video conferences or wall meetings. Some do not dedicate themselves to this profession but do it as a hobby and to interact with more people. Likewise, there are music channels where singers upload their clips.

Who pays a YouTuber?

The money a YouTuber earns comes from the YouTube platform itself. Even though the channel subscription is free, the views generate cash. In that sense, the important thing here is advertising. So, there are big companies that offer funding for ads in a video.

If you want YouTube to start paying you, your channel must grow until you consider yourself a YouTuber. So, you must get at least 1000 followers. In addition, people must consume your content frequently; you must have more than four thousand hours of playback. Once you meet these requirements, it is possible to open a Google Adsense account, in which they give you your internet funds.

You must also take into account the regulations and taxes of each country. Well, it is not the same as being a YouTuber in the United Kingdom as it is in Latin America. Aside from YouTube, influencers look for companies that pay for advertising and in-video mentions. Likewise, there is a tool that allows you to insert ads in a section of your clip.

This happens with long videos, where after 10 minutes, a kind of commercial comes in, which you must view for at least 10 seconds before jumping. So, it is another vital source of income from which content creators profit. However, you have to be popular here for these entrepreneurs to arrive.

How good a business is it to be a YouTuber?

The Youtuber’s job is very profitable once a state of relative fame is reached. By entering a range of at least 10 thousand subscribers, it is possible to see good profits. However, you have to dedicate many hours a day to creating content.

If you take it as a hobby, you will have fun and have people following you. However, you won’t earn much funds. The quality of the clip is a very relevant factor. So, as you grow on the platform, you must acquire new equipment. So, the audio and image are of better quality.

The background where you record also influences people’s taste and the content, which has to be as original as possible so that people do not get bored and continue on the channel.

How much does a YouTuber earn?

A YouTuber’s earnings can vary depending on the public factor. The consumption region is essential on the platform. So, if you are from Spain, your subscribers must be from the United Kingdom, France, and Latin America. However, visiting the videos is what has the most weight. The more people see the content, the more income your channel will have. In that sense, the most challenging thing is to gain an audience, but with the popularity of your videos, they will arrive. It is estimated that what is profit can vary between 0.5 and 6 dollars per 1000 views.

How difficult is it to be a YouTuber?

Working with YouTube is quite complicated since followers are not achieved easily. Some channels have 100 thousand views on a video but don’t even have half as many people attached to it. Therefore, managing a travel blog like Luisito Comunica or Alex Tienda is not achieved so quickly. It is a slow process in which there is no need to rush or despair.

Be calm and work hard, especially in the editing part of the videos. Well, it is the one that takes the most time, where possible errors are eliminated. Recording also has its science since it is easy to make mistakes or get stuck when you speak. One recommendation is to work with a team of qualified people in editing and editing to share the business and responsibility with colleagues.


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