The 10 most profitable businesses for 2021

10 Most Profitable Businesses

It is about profitable businesses, Suppose you made it here, congratulations! You are among the survivors of one of the most challenging years in history.

2020 has completely changed our lives, new ways of working have emerged, the way we shop has changed, and health has become a central theme.

These changes in habits open the door to new ideas. Take a view of the 10 Most Profitable Companies Starting in 2021.

The incarceration and social distancing measures due to Covid-19 have created an economic crisis that is driving many companies into bankruptcy.

Below are the Most Profitable Businesses

According to the INEGI 2020 Survey on the Economic Impact Generated by COVID-19 in Companies (ECOVID-IE), 86.6% of the 1,873,564 companies surveyed were affected by the health emergency by October 2020.

Industries like restaurants, tourism, and live entertainment are the hardest hit. But as in every crisis, this also led to winners, industries such as logistics, pharmaceuticals, digital services, and cleaning were among the most profitable companies.

In the face of job losses, entrepreneurship becomes an excellent alternative to face the crisis. Benefit from new trends and consumer habits and take the plunge into the business world.

Be careful, and before committing to any of these most profitable business ideas for 2021, analyze your market and research what options are best for you to take advantage of.

Social distancing is one of the measures that will last the longest, so personal attention is the axis for all businesses.

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Below are the Most Profitable Businesses


Work from home is one of the actions that more companies have adopted permanently, so people will continue to work from home most of the time.

In many cases, repairs and maintenance turn into a nightmare due to lack of time or ignorance.

Look for partnerships with local businesses selling similar products and use neighborhood groups to promote your services in advance. Consider investing in equipment and purchasing tools.


Restaurants, supermarkets, local pharmacies, tortilla makers, and other local businesses can become your most important allies in providing your delivery services.

Once you’ve built trust and customers, you can even offer payments for services or errands to people in vulnerable groups without being able to leave.

Another viable option is joining the fleet of companies like Amazon,, Uber, and others that need staff to deliver.

CHILD AND ELDERLY CARE – Most Profitable Businesses

The closure of schools and activities has resulted in all family members living together in the same room, which has become a challenge, especially for working parents, which is why this is one of the most important businesses. Profitable until 2021.

Children and the elderly are the most dependent population.

If you have experience caring for any of these groups, offer your services to accompany them and provide them the care they need, especially during the day.


Time at home sparked interest in plants as they create a friendlier environment and bring us closer to the nature we miss so much.

On the other hand, due to the growing concern about healthy eating, more attention is being paid to the design of urban gardens at home every day.

If you have experience and knowledge in these areas, then offer your design, purchase, and advice services in this area, gaining more followers every day.


By December 2020, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported the loss of 369,890 jobs a year. When you are part of this group, you can start teaching online courses on your subject.

E-learning, or digital learning, has grown in strength over the year. The Coursera platform alone generated 8.7 million new registrations between March and April 2020 alone.

Prepare a basic learning program and join the network of professionals on numerous platforms such as Udemy, Crehan, or Superprof.

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The accelerated digital transformation has surprised some. Many companies were not used to doing their business with electronic devices.

If you have technological experience, you can offer support services.

The degree of complexity depends on your degree of professionalism in the area. You can go from the most straightforward level to the advanced level for using specific platforms or software.

DESIGN OF THE WEBSITE – Most Profitable Businesses

As unbelievable as it may look, there are still companies without a website, and many others have forgotten pages.

A digital presence is now more than ever essential to continue generating sales, be it via the website or just as a means of information.

If you have a background in web development, this could be your opportunity to offer your services to local businesses and businesses looking to expand digitally.


According to the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), six out of ten SMEs are currently selling online.

While this number is encouraging, it shows that e-commerce is a trend that is set to continue and that there are still companies out there that aren’t there yet.

Platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Mercado Libre offer training courses to create online stores. Get ready and start working in one of the most profitable companies in 2021.


Healthcare has been one of the biggest concerns in building defenses against Covid-19. It’s not about opening a gym, but if you have work experience in this field, you can get started in this market.

Teach your courses through a video calling platform like Zoom or Google Meet and diversify your business by selling exercise equipment.

Remember that poor execution of the exercises can lead to injury. When you offer this service, make sure you have certifications that validate your experience.


When doing housework and work at home, the cooking time is limited, or there is insufficient time. Ordering a pizza or switching to fast food is no longer the best option.

Eating healthy has become a trend not to miss.

If you have experience in home cooking with nutritious options, you can offer your services at home. Start by getting to know in nearby neighborhoods through Facebook or WhatsApp groups.

They can even design promotions if they rent the service for the whole week.

Now that you’ve learned to live in the new normal, it’s time to get down to business and forget about your fear.

Remember that starting a business is the beginning of the journey. It takes dedication and a lot of work to grow the company.

2021 is the perfect option to reinvent yourself with the most profitable businesses

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