What is a Meme on Social Networks? A Brief Definition

To use a meme, you don’t need to know what it is since all you have to do is have the intention of laughing for a while. Likewise, it is necessary to understand that its use is not only daily on social networks but also in business. Therefore, we will explain to you what their identification is, what their function is, types, and even examples that you can use in any way on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Meaning and concept of meme

To understand the information about what a meme is, it has to do with the content that is composed of images, which are accompanied by a short text or idea that is sent through the Internet. In general, they are commonly used on social networks to be an influencer, what they do is find a way to express a thought of any type that occurs to you.

It is transmitted to express an idea with humor, but it incorporates sarcasm, irony, and rejection of social convention. Furthermore, everything is seen with motivational, religious messages. As well as even philosophical. Memes are related to a specific moment and the mood you have. Likewise, they can be found in edited audio and videos.

As far as the etymological origin is concerned, the word meme comes from the Greek term ‘mimema,’ which refers to something that is imitated. This means that it is based on content reworking and dissemination of content, so that many times, the same meme is used to make several of different concepts.

The first is that the term was coined in 1976, and the person who used it was Richard Dawkins, who created it in his work The Selfish Gene, which states that this behavior derives from genetics, but not only since it can be determined by external factors. Which is estimated as a unit of cultural transmission

What is a meme for?


Memes have had different meanings since birth, evolving very slowly. Still, today, they are used because the generation of millennials and Gen Z use them to communicate better since they do it directly on social networks. Since with the use of smartphones access to connectivity can be facilitated.

When we ask ourselves what the performance of the image of social networks is, they function as part of an image of culture that presents humor. It is a kind of idiom that gracefully pleases those who see it. These are made up of content of jokes that appear humorous and are transmitted virally with different services.

In any case, we can say that memes send us that they can show many emotions of sadness, sarcasm, and dissatisfaction as well as the usual joy. These also allow them to be used in educational activities such as workshops, training, and games. To understand what its function is, what it does is transmit messages, opinions, disagreements, ideas, feelings, and different concepts.

Many experts say these serve advertising functions; even memes can be taken as marketing tools, such as advertising borders. Here you can see how they are capable of illustrating emotions, but also social and cultural phenomena.

What are the characteristics of a meme?

Today, we can all analyze a meme, which consists of images provided with explanatory text that may have to do with that. Likewise, the format is mass-disseminated, but its content comes from film, TV, and internet culture. Furthermore, it adapts to new content but also comes from ironic purposes. If you want to be a meme specialist, the first thing you need is creativity and originality, but these points must also be taken into account:

A meme is not simply writing a joke.

It is essential to be creative and original.

You should always check more than once and see if it continues to be funny every time.

Get the right time to post your meme.

In marketing, this is referred to as memes being given according to the target being demonstrated so that only relevant content is seen. What is expected is that you will be able to connect and interact. You could say that it is seen as a strategy that achieves objectives. Many big brands continue to use memes to reach different people easily.

What is POV in memes?

POV stands for ‘Point of View’ in English, representing the perspective from which an idea is presented. It originated from the world of cinema, scripts, and characters, often depicted through a first-person view, commonly using the camera. These memes find widespread use on various social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. Users employ them to describe scenes from a particular person’s viewpoint.

On these platforms, users can create and edit videos, adding diverse options for publication with accompanying hashtags. These memes are versatile, allowing for different contexts within the POV framework, emphasizing a unique point of view and aiming to leave an impact.

What is CP in memes?

Regarding ‘CP’ in memes, the term has multiple interpretations. While it might innocuously refer to ‘Chicken Broth,’ it also carries a darker connotation as an acronym for ‘Child Pornography.’ Additionally, some refer to it as ‘Club Penguin,’ contributing to the ambiguity and potential misuse of the term in various contexts.

What are the types of memes?

Different memes can be differentiated. The normie memes, which are the most common, represent a simple graph that can be captured from a social network. In itself, it is reflected in the page header. These are attached with a specific type of image that has letter context. Likewise, it does not include any background, only direct, and is consumed by a familiar audience; in itself, they have many reactions and activities.

Template memes have specific characteristics; they can be seen behind a template that is in style. It is used to change jokes and can be posted through the Internet community. Likewise, it is customary to change it many times, but use it as often as possible, up to 2 to 4 times a week. Generics are very common; they are divided into occasions and comparisons.

Likewise, the most common ones are used. Such as black humor, which attacks a particular social minority but also delicate situations to disturb the order. Therefore, they are sometimes utilized through written language, slang, misspellings, references, and logos. It is a type of sect that can encompass and attack different tastes. Dialogue ones are used to attack movies, series, and comics. Some people use these types of memes to make fun of others to annoy them.

Examples of memes on social networks

On social networks, the examples of memes are extensive; one of the most common is the surprised Pikachu, which hilariously expresses the surprise it may feel about something. It is commonly used to describe situations of naivety and childishness and to brighten any message. Likewise, if you want to find different examples, these vary according to current trends since strategies may be published with interest.

The Disaster Girl is one of the most contemporary, which shows us a girl in front of a house that is on fire. Therefore, another type of meme is those of solid and weak dogs, which are established in two comparisons.

Those who are brave and those who are vulnerable. A different meme is found in the ‘ Force me, dog, ‘which expresses opposition to mandates and practically means that it is against a particular position.

The sad woman who laughs inside is used to express relief and happiness and is generally seen to be wrong. Drake’s is that she combines an image that she approves of and another that she rejects. So, they are used to express approval and the feeling of rejection. The one about the man looking at another woman is a classic. It conveys the image of a guy whistling at another woman with his girlfriend holding his hand. Which is an alien tendency that reflects infidelity. When we talk about social networks, they have hundreds of trends.


Therefore, the internet meme comes out of fashion. It is a variant according to a phrase, video, image, and concepts taken in a humorous way. This goes hand in hand with the change in what happens on social networks. If you search in a web search engine, you can find different memes, but they are mostly very classic. Likewise, to see the newest memes, you have to look at each social network, especially TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Above all, the latter helps create new images, which go hand in hand with marketing.


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