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Cyberterrorism Write for Us

Cyberterrorism Write for Us

We are looking for writers to contribute to our blog on the topic of cyberterrorism. We are interested in articles that are well-researched, informative, and engaging.

Cyberterrorism is a typology of terrorism that is perpetrated through computing, communication, electronics, and similar channels. The purpose is to generate fear in society. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

Information technology has developed a new space, where strong terrorist groups and organizations attack the cybersecurity of important targets, such as governments. The European Union Agency for the Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) defines cyber terrorism as follows:

“It involves the use of computers and technology related to the intent to cause harm or harm, to coerce a civilian population and influence the policy of the target government or otherwise affect its conduct.”In 2021, the U.S. government budgeted $92 billion to invest in IT.

What is the difference between cybercrime and cyberterrorism?

To know the concept of cybercrime, we take Kaspersky’s definition:

“It’s a criminal activity that affects or abuses a computer, a computer network, or a networked device.”The main difference between cybercrime and cyberterrorism is the target of the attack.

On the one hand, cybersecurity attacks mainly aim to make money. On the other hand, cyberterrorists have different purposes, which affect power and population. This typology of the criminals seeks a destructive impact.

How does cyberterrorism work?

Terrorist groups are increasingly using new information technologies and the Internet to organize plans, raise funds, distribute propaganda and establish secure communications.

Thus, a new form of terrorism emerges, which operates on a network. Organizations coerce a government or population for political, ideological, or religious purposes. Cyberterrorism also features non-violent activities, such as funding.

These actions are carried out to get money and cyber attacks. The threat has increased as the technological dependence of the population has also grown. Cyberterrorists attack any vulnerability present in a community.

What techniques do cyber terrorists use?

What techniques do cyber terrorists use?

Cyberterrorists use malware to raid large infrastructures. The computer virus can impersonate the victim’s digital identity and install keyloggers (spy files).On the other hand, use Trojan to control devices remotely. Cybercriminals steal private the information from large corporations, administrations, communities, governments, etc.

In addition, social networks are very powerful instruments to contact and disseminate propaganda to users on the Internet.

What damage does a cyberterrorism attack cause?

  • The scope of the attack varies depending on the objective and effectiveness:
  • Human damage, such as injured or killed;
  • Collision of means of transport, such as aeroplanes;
  • Economic losses, even reaching bankruptcy;
  • Stopping essential services: most countries depend on the Internet to manage their infrastructures.
  • Therefore, it is straightforward to control and attack the basic systems of the population.
  • The 2020-2021 Healthcare Report, prepared by Cybersecurity Ventures, indicated that this industry is investing $125 billion, in cybersecurity, from 2020 to 2025.

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